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It is always interesting to see who links to your site and Technorati lets you do just that. Near the bottom of Technorati Search Page checkout "Website URL Search". I found this function a bit too late, appearantly "Views in Greens and Blues" was linking to me 176 days ago - but now no longer linked. Still, I found the site pretty interesting, a lot of feelings. I especially like her randomly generated quotation tied to a database. When there is time I will look at her codes and see how she did it. I now belatedly link it to my site under Pieces of Me.

The problem about majoring in Electrical Engineering is that none of my engineering friend writes. It might be an ego thing - an unspoken current of thought that wispers, writing is for those liberal arts. Which is kind of a shame, because even though we might be boring and nerdy bunch, I bet we have interesting things to say from time to time. Anyhow, the end result is that I have no one to link my blogs. They don't believe in blogs. They just write the programs that people use to blog. Or, they build computers, maintain their cars, play computer games...etc. Bill still has me linked, but with the Purdue University Webpage, which doesn't work anymore. Last time he updates was May of 2005.

My Thoughts and Ideas About the World updates once a week, at least back in September 2005. I will keep my hope and see if he updates sometimes this year.

The View From Taiwan is kept by a professor in Taiwan. He even left me a couple messages. I had him linked for a while now. He writes everyday, usually serveral times a day, and always on topics related to Taiwan. Writing must be a passion for him. On the same note, HotChocolatte also left me a couple messages, I enjoy her writings. Just Let Me Say It also shows up from time to time, suprisingly she can also read chinese - what are the odds?

Written Words is a blog on american style comics. I am more familiar with Japanese Manga yet the recent influx of movie adapted from American Comics have peaked my interest. One of my quotation/thought made it on to her blog. Her world seems unique and interesting. I have her linked and will go over her site later.

My blog hack - Rotating Header Images made it on to Fresh Blog. It is a technical blog, which is nice, however I have enough technical stuff in my life so I will just forego linking it. Another technical blog e-piphany linked to my Google Analytics article. On that note, Google has stopped offering analytics for free sign up due to heavy load, it is now an invitation only service. You can submit your webpage to them and hope you will get an invitation.

There are a few blogs that link to my "Baba Yetu" lyric article. Civilization Fanatics' Center, Wikipedia, Cynical Smirk, Mob Wisdom, John & Stephi.

These are the people I met purely through chance. Websites and stories I would otherwise not have known if I didn't blog. Now let's see what next year will bring~


At 3/06/2006 3:51 AM, Anonymous Ed Kohler said...

Technorati is a great tool for finding interesting blogs. Tracking back to other site through site you've found interesting is one way. Using their Blog Finder or Tags searches are others. For me, a great blog is one with original content in the form of news and editorials on a topic that interests me with a posting volume I can keep up with. That's the real sweet spot.


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