Random Thoughts

The best things in life can't be given, it must be earned.
The most precious knowledge can't be told, it must be realized.

Don't decide someone else's course for them, even in the best intention, because it is the surest way to leave no future for them.

Don't start the game if you don't intent to have fun. Don't quit until the game is over. Don't brag about your victory, because such act trivializes the win. Don't belittle the lost, because such act trivializes yourself.

If you love someone, tell them. If you can't return the love, tell them too. Half truth are no better than complete lies, and perhaps more crippling in the long run.

Honesty above all else.

Don't do everything for the person you love, it weakens the person. Rather if possible show her how to do it; or even better - inspire her dreams so that the light generates from her own self.

Don't take everything too seriously, i don't see how sex can be possible without some sense of humor - it is such a messy and awkward thing.

There is nothing wrong with you, sometimes life is about pain. Stastically speaking 50% of your life is spent in relative discomfort, the other 50% in joy. People are sometimes sad, it is normal and you are not alone - you just feel alone, that's all. And yet, perhaps that is everything. How would we know the world if not through how we feel?

There is a different sort of economy that most people don't realize but trade daily. It is the Economy of Life and the coinage are words. The price of coinage is backed by trust and fluctates up or down. Some people's words are worth as much as gold, other people's words are worth nothing. We all unconsciously keep count of this stock market even though not everyone know there is such a stock market.

Reality is nothing more than promises kept. The promise between you and god. The promise between you and the government. The promise between you and natural laws. A disruption on a foundmental promise is an assult on sanity. Sanity is very important to human beings.

Sometimes it is easier to believe lies than truth, to keep the disruption of reality down. Sometimes truth are not as important. For what good are truth if you destory the person by giving it?

I contridict myself, a lot.

People before regulations. It is in the interest of people that regulations derives. The care of a person must come first. The priniciple will take care of itself.

The worse kind of human being break rules, the average human being follow rules, the best of human beings break rules.

Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.

If you don't have good memory, don't lie, it will come back and bite you in the ass. If you have a good memory, don't lie, it will come back and bite you in the ass.

If life is change and change means pain, does life equate to pain?

Wearing 3 layers of pants make my legs look fat.

To conquor an alien species perhaps all we need to do is introduce alcohol and tobacco to them. They are such vile and potent weapons. More people are killed by alcohol then all the wars combined, and that is only counting drunk driving.

singing too hard makes you loose your voice

if i don't love someone i don't have the right to change her. if i love someone i wouldn't want to change her.

aim high, because even though you still might miss the target, you won't shoot your own feet off.

some people don't know how to be happy, don't force it on them. just like some people don't know how to deal with pain, and you certainly don't want to force pain.

the debt you owe your parents can never be repaid, you can only simply do the same for your children.

Love should start with mutal unconditional surrender. It is the only way it will work. As soon as any one side start thinking of winning, it would have been lost.

the quickest way to kill a plant is not by drying it out, it is by over watering, the stench of root rot is formiddable too. Maybe love is the same way.


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