Too Much Work

I have found 2 ways to do this. Both more difficult than simple copy and pasting.

1) A type of blog service named WordPress has an add-on that can auto-update to live-journal. It also generates RSS or Atom feed with some tweaks. So I could use WorPress as my main blog and auto-update Blogger and LiveJournal. The problem is, I don't know anyone using WordPress and have no desire to maintain 3 blogs =P

2) LiveJournal generates both Atom feed and RSS feed. So I could easily auto-update LiveJournal's article on Blogger, since Blogger executes JavaScripts. LiveJournal doesn't accept JavaScripts, so working with more complicated functions is hard. Further more, for syndication function to work on LJ I need to have their paid account. Also, LiveJournal would have to be my primary Blogging Service, which is not what I desire.

Of course, I could just copy my article and paste it into LiveJournal, which seems like the fastest way to maintain 2 blogs. Sigh. At least I now have a LJ screen name and am no longer Mr. Anonymous when posting on my friend's LJ blog.

on the topic of "too much work", I have finished Robert Jordan's book 11 in The Wheel of Time series. Knife of Dreams is the best book of the series since book 6. I especially love the arc involving Matrim Cauthon and Daughter of the Nine Moons. For the last 2 books, we have seen from Mat's point of view on what he thinks about Tuon. Well, on chapter 26 we got a rare treat and a masterful tale from Tuon's point of view. The world is delightful and I enjoy very much how Robert Jordan can treat the same events and present them so differently by simply shifting point of views. That is partly why I wrote "View Points". It was my attempt to describe one relationship from first the girl's point of view then the guys. I also tried to keep the style parallel, which didn't work out very well in my opinion. Still, it was fun to try.

If you haven't read the Knife of Dreams because the last 3 books in the Wheel of Time made you loose faith in the series, I am here to tell you book 11 wouldn't let you down. In fact, Dragon Mount even has a summary recap so you don't have to read the past 10 books again just to enjoy book 11. The file name is Wot Recap "" but it is not polite to link a file straight off someone else's server, that is why I put the link in txt form. I recommend you actually go into Dragon Mount's homepage to download the file, they have a lot of information and official Robert Jordan blog there for your viewing pleasure.

I am next starting the 4th book in George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. I haven't heard much about the story but George R.R. Martin's writing style is poetic. The imagery and combination of words is simply inspiring. I would recommend you to try out his first book A Game of Thrones if you haven't read this series yet.

I am still thinking about finding a dojo somewhere and take up Judo again. My brief 3 month flirt with the martial art before was fun.

Err, the two games I got, Lunar - Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar - Eternal Blue still haven't been played yet. In Fact, I only pop in LSSS and watched the intro...Come to think of it, I am only half way through Half-Life2 too, which I briefly mess around 3 weeks ago during weekend. My Ragnarok Server project never even got started, I got my hands on all the necessary information, read it through, but never implimented anything.

I am heading to Hong Kong on Saturday, sight seeing. Which reminds me that the digital camera I want to buy is still not ordered.

Lastly, I have a friend who is going through a tough time right now, to put it in her own words she has been "裏切り". Those words are in Japanese but just take my word that it is a bad thing. If you are religious please offer her a prayer, I have always felt embrassed in my inadequacy in religion but it is what she needs and it is not in my ability to offer. I keep her in my thoughts but I think what she really needs is a prayer for her well-being. God doesn't talk to me, but maybe he talks to you, tell him to keep her safe, thanks.


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