I am thinking about buying a digital camera. More specifically a Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT. It has a pretty good review from 3 seperate sources. It costs about 800 US dollars which I translate to 800 of McDonald's McChicken Sandwich. So this camera could in theory keep someone from starving for a whole year, I don't know if I can justify such a purchase. Then again, my friend does have a point, "McChicken doesn't take any high quality digital picture".

There are a lot of technical vocabulary that I am not familiar with while reseraching digital camera. For example - something about camera resolution ultimately translates to the number of megapixels on your picture. You need at least 3 megapixel for an okay looking regular size photo. You need 5 megapixel or above for a quality regular size photo. Optical zoom is vastly better than digital zoon. Reason being that digital zoon affects final picture quality. CCD type sensor is better than the more common CMOS sensor, except when the camera is of Digital SLR-type.

What does CCD, CMOS, SLR, or Megapixel really mean? I don't know.

I don know that Rebel XT has a maximum of 8 megapixel. It has USB connection so I can upload pictures directly to my computer. It is charged by Li-ion battery which is a longer lasting battery. It weights 590g so I won't have problem carrying it all day but I won't gain any muscles either which is too bad. It has a 1.8" LCD screen so I can see directly the pictures I am about to take. JPEG is one of the compression formate that it supports and it also supports RAW which is an uncompressed format. It is a Digital SLR-type and has CMOS sensor. It also has a built in flash.

If you know something about digital camera, feel free to sent me a link or suggest a product (can't believe I am actively asking for spam...well, just this once). Let me know if this is a good choice.


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