Coffee and Tea

There is nothing better than a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Unlike a cup of coffee, the aroma of tea is usually unassuming. The tea's smell is between itself and the bearer. She doesn't force the whole room to notice her existence nor try to grab your attention aggressively. When you part with her, you don't have to worry about your hands shaking, nor would you be forced to come back because you must. Rather, like a true love, she is willing to allow you the freedom to leave, taking in faith that the relationship would last.

She is good for you too. She eases your thirst of life with her gentelness unlike her dark-skinned cousin that is much more demanding. In fact, her dark-skinned cousin makes me nervous and jittery, I even seem to go to the bathroom more often when she is around.

At night, while the gentle lady would put me to sleep, the cousin would try to talk to me and keep me up till she is satisified. Don't get me wrong, many people fight to court this young exotic beauty. Her exuberance in life invigorates them. Her forceful personalty makes them alive. Her perfume they wore as a mark of trophy.

I must admit it is good when I am with the exotic cousin. Not one to be shy, she would chat excitedly from the moment you met her. Her hold on people is clear. She speeds up my heart, makes me sweat, and generally takes over my life while i am under her presence. Yet once away from her, I would feel lost, a sense of deflation in my heart. She takes my free will without me giving it away willingly.

It is hard to argue with a beauty.

The gentle lady on the other hand takes a while to know. Her shyness means that it takes some time for her to get to know you. More often than not, we will simply sit there quietly for a few moment, enjoying each other's company before we converse. She steeps into your soul. She is not one for men who couldn't slow down and appreciate beauty. Those men who had to utilize every second, who live on the edge of thrill, who had to be grabbed at the throat tend to be admirers of her dark-exotic cousin. I must say as wonderful and exotic as she is, she is simply not for me. I prefer the calmer view on life, the steady strength of support, and the simple faith of trust.

I enjoy all my conversations with the gentle lady, sometimes with words, and other times just sitting there enjoying her company. In the end, I hope you have the chance and pleasure to meet her. Just remember, she is shy, so take care to give her some time to collect herself. I imagine you would like what she has to say.


I wrote this piece of writing a while back. The last post "Hey, you." reminded me of this particular work. Some people are constantly on the edge, bigger than life itself, and very exciting - just like coffee. Other people has unassuming nature like the lightness of tea that steeps.

You can't experience tea right away, you must let it sit. After awhile, when the time is right, then you can experience the fullness of its ways. Often, the people that steeps are good for you, the richness is multi-layered. other people are like coffee, forceful and a bit demanding. often, they are not as good for you. over a length of time, they tend to drain you. even worse they tend to over power you and make you loose yourself. what is more, they usually over-reach themselves. presenting you with an attractive aroma at first, but once you taste it you realize the bitterness is nothing like the rich smell. i always feel a slight disapointment when drinking coffee.


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