Hey, you.

Sometimes you read an article and it simply connects with you - like it is looking you in the eye and talking to you privately. Writings that brought back old memories and feelings and one can only be thankful of the human conditions which it inspires. I don't really know the person who wrote it, or who she was writing to, but the writing spoke to me - it incompasses both things i want to say and things that i think people might say to me.

Hey, you.

I don't know what you've been up to lately, what's keeping you busy. I'm just certain it's not bumming around -- that's so not you. I know you love the pressure, being rushed, on the go, on your feet. Constantly.

I bet you're still as hectic as you were before. People calling you up when we hang out, coffee and movie dates getting cancelled at the last minute, me picking you up at 2 AM, you missing out on deadlines, cutting classes but still acing subjects. That was some world you had there, and although I never liked being caught in that web, I sort of miss it, no matter how crazy (and HUGELY different) it was from mine. Perhaps because it was exactly that. Cra-a-zy.

I never got to tell you, but being around you was a strange feeling. The kind you get from a love-hate relationship. I loved the fun, but the spontaneity was off, a bit extreme. I was cared for, but I felt strapped down, suffocated. I loved the talks, but I hated the melodrama. So they say I'm a whiner =D

I still think you were a great friend, amazing in fact. Warts-and-all. I hope I was the same to you.

And I know it's been a while. A long time, actually. I've changed and things have changed for me, both for the better. You too could be a totally different person now. I can't really tell.

Knowing you was good while it lasted. I'm beyond grateful.
Cheers to what was, regards to what is.

~Hot Chocolate


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