Blogger is the bastard child of Google. It is true. Not many changes were made after Google bought out Blogger. There are many basic functions intuative for other blog site that is simply not implimented in Blogger. Here are some examples:

1. Reverse Archive Link List: most service has the abilty to put oldest to newest or newest to oldest on your archive link list. Blogger doesn't. Even worse, it chose to pick 'oldest' archive lists on top. Acting like someone who just bump into your site would be intested in what you said 10 years ago on your first post, instead of your most recent archive one month ago. It is possible to do a blogger hack and change that, but such a simple function should be basic and part of settings.

2. Reverse Post Order: now, once the readers click on the archive and go into that month's post. It would make more sense to start at the beginning, showing the oldest post of that month to the newest of that month. The reason is simple. Within the monthly archive, many newer posts would refer or connect to older posts. If I have wrote a series of 12 technical articles that month, the readers would now have to read 12, 11, 10, 9...all the way with my introduction to that series last. Does it make sense for them to design Blogger this way? no, it does not. Even worse, there is little to no information on any hack to put the wrong to right. This is the only information i can found on Reverse Post Order.

Once I figure out how I might write a little walk through.

3. I couldn't find a way to make a simple counter or simple poll. The only incremental counter it seems to keep is how many comments were posted. I wanted to do a style rating system and it is proving difficult.

4. The comment function is not integrated into the blog post. in order to post a comment you are wisk away into another page, interrupting the flow.

5. Lastly, I hope to see some sort of automatic save function while you are typing up the post. I lost count of the times blogger/web browser/computer crash on me, thereby loosing a post i have worked long and hard on. Something like auto save after every 25 words would be nice. I could save draft manually but it is just a lot of hastle because more often than not i get caught up typing the blog and forget to save.

Above is the lament of the 'what could have been' from faithfully yours.


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