Further Thoughts

Reading back on my last post. I was surprised to discover how strong the wording turns out to be. It was interesting how something seem true just 24 hours ago can become alien. It then got me thinking, maybe that was not the whole reason why religion made me uneasy. The arguments in the last posts weren't false, but it had a slightly too loud volume, like someone desperate in an argument trying to win by upping his voice. So i thought, maybe I was uneasy because of another reason.

Maybe I was uneasy because I am going to hell. That would also account for my lack of belief in religion. After all, if by believe in gods I also have to believe in their punishment, then it would make sense for me to try and deny that existence. No one likes ever lasting punishment in the arm pit of the world. Purely looking at the issue from a psychological point of view and not on the merit of each religion, it would seem that my reaction could be partly from my denial. The only way to test out which issue holds sway I would have to isolate one of the variables. That means I would either have to find proof for religion or become a good person not destined for hell. Both seem unlikely. Although I suppose I will keep trying to do both. After all, it is the eternal struggle that makes life interesting.


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