I think I finally figured out why religion makes me uneasy. I generally have no problems with whatever god people worship, those gods usually have something interesting to say or preach. Further more they tend to be good at what they do and have something I can learn from. What disturb me are the followers.

Even thought god might be all knowing and powerful and set down his teaching in a book, the followers are not perfect. In fact, 49% of the followers are less than average intelligent than the overall 100% faithful - basic math. Yet, the faith that they cling to so tightly and unquestioned (can you imagine? stupidity coupled with the tendency of not questioning?) is interpreted by human beings that has made many many many mistakes. We wage war in the name of god. We kill in the name of god. We say earth is the center of the universe by the teaching of the book. We believe god caused the great flood that killed babies and other life forms just for the sin of men. What the animals ever did to god? Why did they deserve to be punished along with us? We don't know, the story is not complete. God might have all the answers, but the disciples who wrote it down sure didn't have everything figured out. We are told what the disciples wrote, who are human, who make mistakes. Yet, the book is the closest we have to the word of god. So we treat it as word of god. Really, it is the word of disciples. Further more, no one can agree on what the book really teaches.

Is it not scary? a book that so many people believe are taught drastically different from place to place, country to country. And everyone believes they are right. That is what terrifies me. People who think they are right without proof and will do anything in the name of that righteousness.

*This article is resulted from conservative US evangelist Pat Robertson's remark to assinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.


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