To Do List

The year is almost over. I would like to start my New Year Resolution and Reflection a month early - because there is no better time to start than now.

- Start Learning Japanese (set a schedule and follow through)
- Learn to deploy and utilize SQL database (this one is not likely, my hope is to create my own interactive quotation database...kind of like
- Learn to type faster in Chinese (practice, practice practice)
- Learn to read simplified Chinese fluently (I am only fluent in Traditional Chinese. I will start with the most common 1000 words used daily. Mainland China uses Simplified Chinese, this will create more job opportunity.)
- Find an Aikido class and join it. The eventual goal is the mastery over oneself.
- Jog on a regular basis, not just when I feel like it.
- Stretch. I would love to be flexible again.
- Be a vegetarian for a month. (overall, eat less meat, eat more veggie, drink more water)

Other big projects that will take a more than 10 years
- Buy and own a house, then remodel it to be a zero energy house that is self contained.
- Write 2 books.
- Live forever
- Open my own library or bookstore

Obviously, living forever is not likely. But I figure I would aim high for the moon so when I fall short I would at least land amongst the stars.

Okay, those should be enough to keep me busy for a while.


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