Feelin' A Bit Down

The title contains the whole essence. It would probably be better for me to talk to a 'real' person as suppose to posting on a blog. However, I have never felt comfortable laying my burden on other people.

So I took a couple minutes and updated the side bars and the slider. Being productive usually makes me feel better. Oh, and music. Music makes me feel connected to the world, it is a common ground in which we all stand. One may not always understand the language of the song, but that doesn't matter - true music evokes understanding. I updated 10 most listend to songs in Oct 2006. These music video are found on YouTube, which I assume is promotional music video uploaded by the artist themselves or else they would have been taken down from YouTube.

Enjoy the music even if you might not understand Chinese. 4 of the 7 songs are in Chinese. The other 3 is in english.

Enjoy life even if you might not understand its meaning or purpose. Between us, I hope at least someone is doing well.


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