A World of Pain

I have started excercising regularly again and my body is not used to it yet. I am also a bit concerned that I can no longer reach my toes. My body has convinced itself it is at least 10 years older than 25 - and I can't blame my body.

Having a desk job means sitting mostly for 8~10 hours a day. On-site project inspection means maybe half an hour of walking. Engineering is really mostly about paper work. At least, at my level.

Keeping track of who to order from, what to order, translated the contract, making phone calls. It is not just the fossilization of my body that worries me. I am also concerned about my mind slowing down. After you know what to do a job is mostly routin. It would be ironic to get an education just to become a robot.

There must be some little thinking excerises out there I can do. A co-worker recommend crossing my hands when I type for 10 minutes. "It is like using chop-sticks with your left hand", he says, "It trains you to use different parts of your brain."

So if you see me typing with my hands crossed, please know that I am not crazy. I am merely distinctly unique - and very very bored.

p.s. typing with my hands crossed is a lot harder than i thought.
p.p.s. A friend suggested this to keep my mind sharp. A fun Game.


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