Many things happened since I last wrote in my blog.
  • I went to Japan 5 days and came back.
  • Met a couple interesting new people - Eve, Julia, Emma, Eve, Eric, and Rita.
  • Gained 3kg.
  • Discovered Picassa2 for photo editing.
  • Discovered Google Web Accelator.
  • Saw half of the Broke Back Mountain and half of Syriana.
  • Saw Mission Impossible 3 twice.
  • Saw De Vinci Code.
  • Went rock climbing.
  • Convinced my boss to switch from IE to Firefox.
  • Got a new credit card.
I have visit the local food shop at work so often that the owner knows me by face now. I always order the same thing, they seem amused by that. 10 dim sums please.

Apple has a nice deal that if you buy a Mac computer you get 175 dollar rebate towards any ipod product. I might get that. There is also a friend who works at a global shipping company. She says she can get me a 15% discount. Not sure which way to go yet.

Taipei has been raining for a solid week now.

Nothing really long term on my mind right now. Lunch with friends on sunday. X-men3 movie coming up. KTV on Monday. Computer security training at computer headquarter on Tuesday. I have been feeling very social lately, I wonder how long this will last.

I really need to excerise, sigh, but no motiviation. It also seems a bit odd to run in the rain. Maybe I should just use the indoor bike in the living room.

Picassa is wonderful, I sort thought 500 some pictures in very little time. I usually use ACDSee but that would have taken me at least 2 days. Picassa is not only free but better. The only function I miss from ACDSee is the maintain ratio function in cropping from ACDSee.

I am thinking about going into business for myself. The economic trend in Taiwan favors people who is in the position of hiring other people. Labor cost is low. I need to look into this more.

I am still waiting for the stock market to crash. Then again, I have been waiting for a while now. Not sure what is keeping the US economy going. I am a bit worried about the after shock.

You know who you are, if you read this, I miss you.


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