In Search of the Perfect Penguin

There comes a certain point in a man's life that he must ask the unavoidable question - Which Linux Distro should I install? The time has come for me.

If you know me, you know I oscillate between introvertness and extrovertness. If you don't know me, then you will probably just wonder why I sometimes disappear for months. I can feel one of these quiet self reflecting period coming up. Going outdoor doesn't hold as much appeal at the moment. The thought of meeting new people makes me tired. This is definately the begnning of another solitude period.

It is not to say I simply find a hole and hide underground. Politness dictates that I still must fulfill certain social functions like birthdays and occosional movies. But if someone I just met asks me to go to Japan with her for 5 days I probably would say no this time.

This is a period for reading, thinking, writing, and drinking my hot jasmin tea. Which seems like a perfect time to mess around with Linux. I can even tell people who are worried about me that I am broadening my scope on Computer Operating System. But the truth is, I really do prefer to be by myself during these times. Yet I learned that you can't just out and say things like that to people. They get worried. It would seem unnatural for an outgoing person to suddenly want time by himself. I learn it is best to start a project. People understand hobbies and projects; people don't understand solitude.

Which brings me back to the topic of Linux. Here are some things I am looking into.
Distro: Mandriva or Ubuntu. I am leaning towards Ubuntu
KDE or GNOME: I am Leaning towards KDE

Ubuntu comes with Gnome. A subversion is called Kubuntu that comes with KDE. I will most likely download and burn an install CD from that.

Slowly I am working towards tri-booting Mac, Windows, and Linux. World domination is just one step away...

Or not.


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