Trivility: The Hero

Hero Name: Unknown
Hero Age: 25

Title: Company Sales Assistant, On Site Engineer, Office Translator; aka Do-What-Needs-To-Be-Done.

Level: 1
Hit Point: 13
Special Attack: Long Speeches that Puts Enemies to Sleep (Magic Sleep Spell Level 2)
Weakness: Alcohol (very low tolerance)

Brief Synopsis: Technically, we are not very sure if "Mr. Unknown" is a hero or not. Normally it is a very clear-cut case. If you can walk into a random house, grab all the treasure from another person's cabinet without objection. You are the de-fact-to hero of the story.

Another way to tell if you are the hero is the abundance of dialog, where as a poor grunt will usually only have one or two things to say, then henceforth repeat the same line over and over until the end of time. In this case, some people "Mr. Unknown" knows really do repeat the same thing over and over like a broken record.

Usually a hero has something at stake, something that requires saving; either a girl or the world. In this case, all the girls "Mr. Unknown" knows are all strong and capable. They don't require any saving. The world is not under any immediate and dire threat either, which rather obsoletes a hero's job. Perhaps, the only person that requires saving is "Mr. Unknown" himself. Can a hero arise from the rescue of his very own self? No one knows.

A hero also has sidekicks, usually a healer (preferably a girl in this case), a brute (usually a guy), and a thief (someone fast, usually thin and small). Looking around at the male co-worker who shares the same office, he doesn't look like a brute. I also question his desire to join in as my sidekick on this odd adventure. He is good at On Site Inspection, and his special technique involves a sliding ruler. He is also looking at me funny at the moment. The girl sharing the same office is not exactly a healer either. Nor is she a nurse or doctor, but I assume she knows a bit of first aid simply because she is a mother of 2. Any mother should be qualified as an honorary nurse. Her special skill is typing, in Chinese. She does that very well. Her MSN skill is legendary. However, I don't think she would wish to be my sidekick either. When you have two hell-raisers I imagine any free time you have would go towards sleep. The last category is hard to fill too, I don't know any thief. However, I have met some politicians. But they seem too busy to join me. Besides, I think those politicians are already hired by the "other side".

yes, "Mr. Unknown" has no side kicks at the moment. Not even a dog, "Mr. Unknown" has never had a warm-blooded pet in his whole life. He did, at one point or another, have had a gold fish. But you can hardly call a life form who lives in an entirely different median of atmosphere "pet". You can't really walk a fish, nor can you hug a fish. On a whole, fish makes a pretty lousy pet.

So, going back to the original question. Is "Mr. Unknown" a hero of his own life, in this game of existentialism? I don't know, but I sure wish "Mr. Unknown" figure out where that save and reload button is located. That would make this game a lot easier. Short of that, is there a walkthrough guide "Mr. Unknown" can download and read?


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