$2900 NT

It is raining in the evening. It hasn't rained in a while to my knowledge. Of course, what do I know? I go to work at 8am and comes home at 10pm. I hardly ever see what the weather is like working from the basement of a very tall and impressive building. Why worry about security issue and place the office in the basement when you build an impressive tall building? Seems like a waste.

It was nice actually feeling the rain. I was inbetween buildings and meetings. For a minute I just stood there, right outside under the open sky, and felt the rain. Pretty sure some of the busy walkers though I was crazy standing there and letting the rain fall on me. But it was alright, the nice memory will probably last freshly in my mind until next week, the strangers occupying the same street will probably never be seen again in this city of millions.

Speaking of millions, the company asset this year is roughly 1.5 billion NT. Which means 125 million every month, 41 million every day, 174 thousand NT every hour, 2900 NT every minute, and 50 NT every second. Every second, the cost equal to a meal is being earned by the company. Puts a new perspective on what I choose to do with my seconds. That 60 seconds standing outside in the rain was $2900 NT to the company. I suppose I can think of that rain as a bonus for a job well done. I wish it would rain more often; I wish I am outside more often.


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