One of my friend, actually my girlfriend, wanted me to get a webcam so I did a little research. Logitech seems to be the leading company for these type of electronic gadget and Creative is another big name.

The cheapest webcam on Logitech (which is the only website I looked up because it is 3:26am and I am lazy) is 40 USD. The one that seems to have the best review for USB2.0 port connection is QuickCam Fusion - 99 USD.

The Design is intriguing, instead of a clip like most webcam, it uses a counter balance and hangs on the top of your LCD monitor. Which means if you don't have an LCD monitor, a USB2.0 connection, and a pretty fast computer, you don't want to buy this webcam. The shape of this equipment is almost organic as you can see from a side view.

On the same note of shopping, I probably won't be getting a Nokia8800. It doesn't seem as impressive when I went into the store and held the cell phone to my hand. It just doesn't seem to be worth the 1,000 USD price =P Also all reviews indicated it has a terrible battery life.

I am now leaning towards Nokia6230i [3100 NTD] and Sony Ericsson W550i [4800 NTD]

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1 US Dollar = 32 NT (Taiwanese Dollar)


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