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Well, Seems like the Bush Administration is asking all major internet search company to hand over millions of user search data. So far Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL were asked and have handed some data over. Google was also asked but refused in order to protect user privacy. Here are the details in a couple different sources.

I am sort of sick of all the bad news coming from US. So I am not going to speak ill of Bush administration nor will I mention any names.
I am just here to tell you how to protect yourself. There are easy ways to surf the web anonymously. The easiest way is to surf by proxy. There are many many privacy website that serve as a middle point hub, insulating you from contacting the website you access.

In effect, the websites you access won't see you surfing the website, they will only see that middle point hub. These kind of websites are called "anonymizers". I never actually use them because website loads a bit slower when going through a middle point.

The one that is more frequently used on my blog site by other people is anonymization. I am not sure why people come to my site anonymously, I find it slightly amusing. Only about 0.5% of people use them though, I suppose it is better to be careful and surf privately, I just never remember to use it.

Here is a link that compiles all the proxy server and website out there probably a couple hundred links with description. I have not tried any of them. Let me know which one you like better and I will update this blog reflecting your opinion.


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