Star Bright, Star Shine

I injured my thumb, so Judo would have to be put on hold for a little bit, sometimes we don't always get to do what we want, sometimes life doesn't work out to how we plan.

I spent my extra time running now. It is perhaps the one constant thing I always come back to. There is a familiarity to the road that is comforting. It is its nature to be solid and supportive. It has seen me in rage and grief, pain and joy, hope and confusion.

And the road demands so little, just a bit of my time now and then. The conversation would last as long as I want; the road stretches on forever.

Our conversation is simple; a steady rhythmic vibration felt from the bottom of my feet - step after step. There is nothing complicated about running or roads. It is one of the few things I understand. There is beauty in its simplicity.

Whatever problem I may have, running makes it seem smaller. My thought naturally focuses on inhaling and exhaling. The noise of my mind would fade into background. The struggle for breath and air puts other problems into perspective. They become more trivial, more manageable.

It is not often I jog during daylight. I don't jog for the green trees or grass, not for the pretty flower or warm sun; I jog for myself. I found it easier to be myself at night, where it is quiet.

Once a while, even under the polluted sky a few stars would come through. Then it would just be the road, the stars, and me. "Stars are far apart from each other," she says. "They do not have to touch to know each other. They shine at each other from far away." I like that statement, it makes me think how people I know are all connected, perhaps by the ray we generate within.


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