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3am, I really should be sleeping. Yet there is a strange desire to stay up and simply think quietly. To most people, the choice would be clear - either the oblivious peace of sleep or wakeful troubling ponderance.

I never seem to pick the easy path.

Neither in this case can i justify it as the right path. I have Judo at 10:30am and Biking in the afternoon. I should get some sleep so I might be good for something tomorrow.

Yet there is a sense of expectancy, like a pause of total silence in the middle of a song, which made me think if I just wait a little bit a revelation would come to me. Then this mysterious aching need would be fulfilled and everything will be put to right.

I looked around, nothing came. Maybe if I just stay up for a little longer the answer will come to me.


At 1/14/2006 3:50 PM, Blogger displaced-ment said...

So did the answer arrive?

At 1/15/2006 2:06 PM, Blogger Sushi Delight said...

desire is the source of discontentment. it is both heaven and hell - that which forever drives us forward.

At 1/15/2006 10:24 PM, Blogger displaced-ment said...

is it necessarily forward?

At 1/15/2006 10:52 PM, Blogger Sushi Delight said...

sure, if you think of time as linear, meaning we can't never go back. Then life and any change contained within would be a forward change. But you are right, it might be either a postive or negative change.

The answer didn't arrive, I only figure out the problem.

At 1/16/2006 7:29 PM, Blogger displaced-ment said...

interesting thought


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