Just Another Saturday

Where is the nurse when you need one?

We moved office today.

The construction project has finally reached final stage and they are now working on the ceiling right above our old office. The main contractor decide the best way to spent a sunny saturday is to make it into a giant moving day. This is why I went in for work on this lovely day.

The day is not as bad as i thought. 11 office tables, 6 desktop computers, 2 conference tables, a mountain of paper work, a dozen man-sized filing cabinet, a drinking fountain, and one evil hippo-sized office printer. We finished moving in 7 hours, but have not organized anything yet.

So why is the hippo sized printer evil? well, it sort of landed on my hand, causing a respectable bruise right on my thumb. My thumb-nail now looks purplish; my thumb swollen to twice the original size. This post is typed entirely with my left hand.

There is one good news though, I now have a chance to test out the camera function on my new cell phone and the quality of pictures looked nice. Considering the new office doesn't have light nor electricity at the time, I think the cell phone camera is decent.

My Fat Thumb [Side View]

My Purple Thumb [Top View]

I injured myself while carrying the hippo-sized evil printer with a young lady. Interestingly, another male worker also hurt himself while carrying the conference table with her. We couldn't figure out if she carry somesort of negative energy or if it is pure chance. We were waiting for a third accident to happen but that third data point never arrived so we couldn't triangluate the cause and calculate probable risk in relation to distance with her.

Here is the other poor guy's injury.

Bashed Middle Finger >_< [Top View]

Bashed Middle Finger After Proper Rescue [Front View]

Yes, He just pointed his middle finger at you. The rest of the article include pictures taken during the rescue operation. These pictures are graphic because Iodine [the red stuff used to cleanse would] looks likes blood. So the following pictures looks like someone took a chainsaw to our fingers.

Do not click on the below link if:
  1. You are my girlfriend. (well, you can if you really want to)
  2. You are eating.
  3. You faint at the sight of blood.
  4. You dislike horror movie.
...Read more

We decided to treat our wounds with Iodine to disinfect. It hurts like 10,000 paper cuts with salt on top.

Top of my hand with Iodine [Top View]

We decide to drench the other guy's middle finger in Iodine just to be safe. His injury seems pretty bad. We think his nail will fall off >_<.

Other guy's middle finger in Iodine Lake [Top View]

My Thumb [top] and His Finger [bottom]

Lastly, that guy's finger drenched in blood (well, actually iodine)


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