If there is a heaven in the religious sense, then all beings must have an equal chance of gaining entrance. I would imagine heaven is full of trees, for trees never seem to do much harm and always good.

Seems like an odd image, I know. Other people's image of heaven is usually white and full of clouds. Mine is strangely full of animals and trees. Human beings are really just one of billions of species. I would imagine by virtue and chance we would only occupy a very small amount of space in heaven.

Recently my friend's cat passed away. It was a good cat. It did no harm except to leather furnitures and shoes. I think if there is a heaven, that cat would be there.

Maybe I am biased, but I hope the gates of heaven doesn't admit too many mosquitos. Even though heaven would be perfect and the mosquitos wouldn't have to drink my blood to live, I have came to really hate the unique sound they make while flying around. I will heed the wishes of cows, pigs, and chicken to stay away from them in heaven. I wonder if mosquitos will listen and stay away from me as well.

Of course, I am assuming a lot by saying I will be in heaven and that heaven exists. Still, it is something interesting to think about.

I have never been very good with deaths. This would have to serve as a tribute to my friend's cat 咪咪. May the cat find peace and many leather things; may each of us find meaning and resolution in our limitations.


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