Cell Phone Designs - 手機類型

I was doing some research to see what type of phone I want to buy. Suprisingly there are no webpage defining various types of cell phone designs. Took me hours just to figure out how the industry refer to each model. Here are the results in both chinese and english.

Jacknife, Swivel, Rotator, [旋轉式]:
I call it Jackknife, because of the way it opens - horizontal circular motion. But the more popular and official term is Swivel Phone.

Clamshell, [貝殼掀蓋式]:
A specific type of Flip Phone that is very popular. It is more round like a sea-shell.

Flip Phone, Flip-Flop, [折疊式]:
Any phone that flips open.

Brick, Boxtype, Tower, [舊型大哥大]:
This is the old type of cell phones. Big, black, tall, and heavy. You can double it as a baton to defend yourself ^_^

Stick, Candybar, [直立式]:
Candybar Model Cell phone is made famous by Nokia. It is their signature look.

Spring Action Slide, Slider, Extractor, Slide, Slim Slide, [滑蓋式]:
Mostly known as Slider Phones, these type are somewhat new. The style is first made popular in Korea by Samsung. This is the type of phone I am looking to buy.

Twist, [旋轉式, 反旋式, ]:
The newest type of phone. I have only seen Nokia with these type of phone.

I am leaning towards Nokia 8800, Motorola U6, and Nokia 7360.
I also like LG F7200 but it is only offered in US >_<

Nokia 8800

Motorola U6

Nokia 7360

LG F7200


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