Captured Memory

The Bike Trip started around noon. I was the funny looking guy with the Judo uniform.

Before excerising, we all agree it was a good idea to fuel up first ^_^ Can't bike on an empty stomach.

With light steps, they walked forward.

But of course, not before more pictures.

Someone thought her red hat would look good on me.

...and we biked and biked and biked. Here is a picture when we took a break. I love this particular picture. She looks thoughtful. I wonder what she was thinking.

14 miles later we took an afternoon tea break at one of the cafe. We were very pleased to find they have both coffee, tea, cakes, and mozerilla sticks.

We then took a boat across the river.

The water glittered like stars.

We looked at the sunset, and pondered about the last 13 miles we have to bike ^_^

I like photos that are taken from the side or the back. They seem to capture emotions better. Or maybe it is just that my active imagination puts the emotion into the empty canvas

The more complete set of photos are on my MSN Space.


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