Most corporations have an end of the year celebration, my company is no exception. What made this particular party interesting however, is I have to host part of the show. The opening speech is compose by me and edited by a fellow hostess, it took a lot of practice to memorize and runs for 30 minutes.

The opening ceremony was done with 768 guests as audience. The practice run is part of the reason I was so busy lately.

Some of the over-zealous female co-worker decided that I need some make up before going on stage. They put some sort of lip gloss to my lip look more "shinny". It was pretty odd, I don't recall ever putting make up on before. They also took some pictures as evidence. They promise to sent me a copy. I haven't seen it yet. >_<

The picture below is taken by a client who attended the party. He sent the photo to congratulate me on a job well done.


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