September 11th Attack turns out to be a more successful attack than I first imagined. It was not just the 2,986 lives lost on that day. It was not even the economic recession months later. The real damage was done slowly, in the form of fear and spread like cancer.

9-11 drove us into a war. A war not declared by congress. A war that has none of the legitimacy but has done every bit of damage to both the supposed enemy and ourselves. It cost 30,000 Iraqi lives, 228 billion US dollars, and 2,154 US soldiers. Yet that is not the real damage either. The real tragedy is that in fighting the enemy we somehow became the enemy.

You can’t keep an enemy down without a part of yourself down there with him. Combat is the fastest way for cultures to exchange, for information to spread, and for people to change. There is nothing like the desperation of a fight that forces people to evolve and sometimes move in a direction that is normally unthinkable.

Our defeat is not just in the form of economic loss, not just in the lives of American citizen; our defeat is the lost of our way of life. The abuse and torture of prisoners, the detention of foreign citizens without trial, the secret CIA prisons all over the world – these are not the signs of freedom nor democracy. Even worse we committed all these acts ourselves, we are our worse enemy.

It is easy to talk. It is easy to name a law that strips the right of American citizens the “Patriot Act”. But the fact remains that a horse dropping by any other name would smell just as foul. A fascist country is the one that spy on its people without court approval. Our privacy and freedom is what this country should be about. Yet now, the president can and did order wiretap into your life without the other two legislative branches’ check and balance.

The enemy has already won. Instead of us brining Democracy to them, they have managed to make us loose ours. And in loosing what we used to hold most dear, we also lost the good opinions of friends all over the world. Some countries wonder, “Who is the terrorist? Who invaded whom?” Iraq did not plan nor execute 9-11. Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. It was a war started by mistake. It is our second Vietnam.

We have lost a great amount of political creditability with rest of the world. Our national debt has a disturbing trend of breaking its own gap record month after month. Our brothers are dying on foreign soil for a mistaken war. Even worse, do you really feel safer now? Is America or the world safer? It would seem one terror leader is simply replaced by a couple more nameless one.

An enemy is one that gets you killed, no matter which side he is on. In this case, an enemy is one that takes our Democracy from us, regardless of his side. It is time to seriously start thinking about impeaching Bush and Cheney and start the process of regaining our country.

Lastly, I would like to apologize to people who read this article from another country. My nation has wronged the world. My nation has not listened. Although I am just one small person and my apology meaningless in power, yet this is what I can offer and I offer it with all my heart.


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