Grace Under Fire

I have been very busy lately and my report for the company is not done yet. Howeverhere are some thoughts that has to be put on paper before it evolves into another idea.

  • When people give me a gift, I act embrassed. I am not sure why. I say things like, "you shouldn't have." and I really mean it. The correct response would be a simple "thank you". The fact is more appearent during the holiday seasons. I can't help but notice, "sometimes it is just as important to accept the gift graciously as it is to give selflessly".
  • Truth and logic is not everything. A person feels what she feels. Sometimes it is not as important to tell her how she might change for the better, sometimes all you need is to feel the pain with her.
  • A person is as young and as old as he allows himself to be.
  • Gaps. Gaps on nationality, gaps of gender, gaps of age, gaps of education, and gaps of racial distinctiveness is only as wide as your mind conceive them to be. I find people are basically the same.
  • People are not looking for someone to love them for their good, for it is easy to love the good; people are looking for someone to love their bad despite logic.
  • Loneliness might be the only thing two people can't do together.
  • Reality is nothing more than promises kept.


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