I adore fondue. I like how the slow fire dances on the bottom. I like how the chocolate melt and swirl on top. The air would smell sweet, but the fruit or bread dipped into the chocolate would taste sweeter.

The food is older than some of the gods. One of the recipe dates back to the 8th century BC appearing in the epic Greek poem Iliad by Homer. Chocolate was not discovered by then. The Greek would melt grated goat cheese, add a mixture of Pramnos wine and white flour and dip bread or meat into the pot. I would imagine the taste is divine. The cuisine would be tried, judged, and weighted for the next 3,000 years - a chain unbroken to this day.

I was surprised when someone invited me to a fondue restaurant yesterday out of the blue. There was a puzzle at first because she refer to the food as "chocolate pot". It is perhaps a more apt name than fondue. I then surprised myself by saying yes even though I don't really know her. Fondue is definitely a weakness of mine.

The store is amusingly named Chocoholic. It specializes in chocolate drinks, dessert fondue, and hand made bread.

It plays different background music depending on the day of the week.
  • Memory Tuesday - Old Country
  • World Music Wednesday - Foreign Exotic Music
  • Jazz Thursday - True Jazz
  • Movie Friday - Original Movie Soundtracks
  • Latin Saturday - Hot Latin Music
  • Chanson Sunday - French Romantic Melodies
It is a pretty small restaurant. Sitting in a corner quietly and easily over looked. The music wasn't loud and the smell wasn't overwhelming. The light also dims slightly at night so the first thing that catches your eye is the candle like fire underneath the fondue pot.

This place is known for its chocolate specialty drinks and for good reason. I ordered a Rose White Chocolate. Which is white chocolate extracted from coco then added with vanilla. Nectar or syrup of roses then is distilled from rose and blended with the white liquid. The taste is unique and it goes down smooth.

There is also something called chocolate alcohol, bought all the way from Holland. Hand made by Avers Haler and looks simply enticing. I have never had Chocolate Alcohol before and I usually don't like alcohol, but I have a strong desire to have a taste. Who knew curiosity could be a part of flavoring? I think I might go back and buy a bottle one of these days, when the perfect occasion calls for such a special drink.

Fondue is something you have to experience yourself to understand. The food is much more than just the taste. The smell, the feeling of liquid chocolate sliding down your throat, the sight of candle flame melting and dancing, and the sound of chocolate bubbling in the pot. The experience is one of a kind. I recommend anyone to find your near-by fondue restaurant. It would be the perfect food for your up-coming Christmas gathering.


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