Fire and Motion

I have always admired people who know what they want. Their single-mindedness, their drive, and their passion make them seem so alive. It is like watching a flame dance and feeling the heat radiating. I can almost see their sense of purpse brimming over like lava and filling the empty souls around them.

As a bystander, one has to be a strong enough person to contain that gift. The lava that gives heat can very well burn you up. Yet for a time, whether you are burning up or containing, you are alive just like the flame.

There are consquences even for people that doesn't burn up like an offering. The lava eventually cool, harden, and settles in your soul. You became a more shallow person. Like a cup now half filled with concrete - your depth, your capacity to contain is forever changed. You became a smaller person after leaving that fire.

Some people offered themselve willingly for the temporary warmth. Other people are drawn without a choice like moth to flame. You can't blame the moth for its senseless death. Like wise, I can't blame the fire for the destruction. It is simply who they are - forces of nature.

We have master the art of fire for thousand of years and it enabled us to move from nomadic life into civilization. I wonder when will we master this second fire of passion and purpose and where will it lead us? Or perhaps, this second fire will simply consume and destory us in the form of a well placed atomic bomb. I stood by the side watching with fasination and awe as the flame continue to dance, oblivious to my or anyone else's existance.


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