I got on AIM for the first time in years. The sign up for Flikr required an Yahoo account so I downloaded AIM to double-check my login. Hearing that little "ding" sound and seeing a message pop up is almost like coming home. AIM is a crack addiction to be out-lived but never out-fought.

My memory hasn't failed me yet, both my screen name still works - Shihka and Sushi2807. Sushi2807 buddy list seems more current. But with a gap of 2 years current is only a relative term.

There was a slight surprise when messages pop up. First, there would be a time difference of 12 hours between Taiwan and US so no sane person should be up. Second, they kept a non-active screen name on the list for 2 years. Third, I was surprised by my own reaction to the greetings, I felt I should keep AIM on since obviously the time difference is not a deterrence to communication.

Now I have MSN open and AIM. MSN since everyone in the eastern world seems to use MSN, which obviously include everyone in my company and everyone I know in this country. AIM is for the US and the sleepless. Who knows, maybe I can help them sleep by talking about contracts, engineering, and material prices. [p.s. US gold just broke 500 dollar barrier]

Gaim, the wonderful program which consolidates every known chat program into one simple package, crashes my computer. My only hope is that Google Talk might someday incorporate the same consolidation. Until that day I will just have to live with multiple chat programs.

Maybe I should convert those few people who IMed me to MSN.
Albert the salesman: Join MSN! It is vastly more superior than AIM.
Friend the suspicious: What is the advantage?
Albert the salesman: The advantage is that I will only have to run one chat program if you convert to MSN. Think of the benefits!
Friend the suspicious: Goody, count me in. Not!

Yeah, well, people just don't trust like they used to. What happen to unspoken trust?

Gaim - The final frontier of instant message program.
Trillion* - Another IM consolidation program.
Slashdot, What Makes a Good IM Client - A comparison of MSN, AIM, and GT
Flickr - Free photo host by Yahoo, which I am messing with at the moment

*Trillian is also a fictional character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams


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