研討會 vs Flickr

I had plans this weekend to mess with Flickr the photo sharing service but that is not going to happen now. You see, I had the master plan to take over the world all figured out.

1) After work today, buy the Epson Perfection 2480 Flatbed Scanner
2) Convert all my photo into digital form before Friday
3) Upload and archive the photo into Flickr this weekend
4) ??
5) Take over the world!

It was such an elegant plan. It would have worked too but my compnay is sending me to a conference this weekend - 第四屆亞洲人力資源國際學術研討會 (The 4th Asian Conference of the Academy of Human Resource Development). It is going to last from Saturday to Tuesday. I would have to sneak back for two hours on Monday to teach TOEIC but otherwise I have to take note at this conference and learn how to better develop human source. My boss's boss's boss is expecting a powerpoint presentation at the end of 4 days to justify spending 625 USD for this conference.

I am not sure why it would cost this much, but dinner is 50 dollars, hard copy material is 50 dollars, and CD-Rom matieral is 20 dollars. The rest are workshop fee for 4 days. The last time I spent 50 dollar on one person was dinner after prom. In this case, I suspect the cost for dinner is inflated by alcohol. Business men are notorious for their ability to consume all alcohol in sight. Feed them enough drinks and you can get away with a 10 dollar steak and 2 dollar potato salad. The rest is pure profit! How ingenious. Too bad I can't drink. I somehow missed the sign up for drinking lesson in college. A half glass of wine will make my face red.

There will be 4 keynote speakers and the speech will be given in English, so I presume. This company has a lot of great people who speak chinese. If the conference is in chinese a more senior memeber other than me would have probably been sent. What is the moral of the lesson? none. Well, maybe just one. Eat your veggies and learn your English, it helps your company and might even help yourself. Also come visit me at my TOEIC class at 台大 branch of Global Village, a new session just started and I have 4 girls and 1 guy in my class. I feel very out numbered.

Anyhow, the point is I would have to postpone my plan to tryout Flickr. I was somewhat looking forward to testing the javascript I found. The code lets me display pictures hosted on Flickr on Blogger in a randomized fashion. Much like how my header is randomized everytime you refresh. But the Flickr code is more automatic. For the header I spent some time resizing the picture to fit the header. Flickr supposedly automatically pre-size your pictures into a 9 by 9 preview window. Each window serve as a link to take you to the full size photo hosted on Flickr.


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