So many books to read, so little time.

I have finally finish collecting information from an IRC archive. Now I have 42GB of information to sort through and organize. It strikes me as a bit odd how I keep my computer more organized than my apartment. Half the time I couldn't find the remote control for my TV. It could be infuriating. There should be a search function built into real life. It is a long shot, but I should recommend the idea to Google. With their limitless technical innovation, maybe they really could build a real life search function. That would be the invention of the century; there will never be a missing sock ever again.

What would you type if such a real life search function exists? God might be a popular search. Intelligent life form outside earth. Elvis. Innocence. Redemption. Soul Mate. Honest politician. Clean source of energy. The possibilities are endless and only limited by our dreams.

On top of that 42GB data, a co-worker give me a couple CDs a month ago so I have 500 chinese songs to listen, sort, and discard. I enjoy singing when no one else is around, so I formed the habit of collecting lyrics to the songs that I own. Updating my lyric library will take an ungodly number of hours. Sometimes I wonder if it might be easier if I just memorize all the lyrics. But I tend to forget things that I don't review once a year, so putting the lyrics into my biological hard-drive would be a wasted effort a year from now. I am really jealous of people who have total recall. Yet on the other hand, are their pains recalled as sharply as their joy? Would I, once attain my wish, wish otherwise?

I am beginning to wonder if there might be something wrong with me health wise. Last night I lay on the bed briefly and closed my eyes around 6pm, the next thing I know it was 7am in the morning - just in time for work. 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep doesn't seem normal. There should be a study done about the relation between desk job vs health. Human beings are probably not made to sit in one place for 8 hours. Sometimes I think human beings should come with warranties, we break so easily. Yup, a manual for girlfriend, a warranty for life, and enough sushi to last a lifetime. That is all I want for Christmas.

Okay, maybe that is not all I want for Christmas. A more arbitrary list is below.

01) US soldiers back from Iraq in time for Christmas [priceless]
02) Gasoline powered car replaced by Hydrogen powered car [priceless]
03) Terrforming of one of the near-by star body [priceless]
04) 60GB iPod [399 US]
05) Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT [800 US]
06) One year course of Judo [420 US]
07) Epson Perfection 2480 Limited Edition Photo Flatbed Scanner with Feeder [140 US]
08) One year course of Japanese [360 US]
09) Mensa Test [30 US]

I would probably have to buy those things myself. My family doesn't really believe in presents. All I ever get are money. Well, that is not entirely true. 2 years ago I got a Honda Accord Ex V-6. But what have they done for me lately? Just joking, I probably shouldn't ask for anything from them ever again. Besides buying a car they also paid for my college. Oh, and they got me a parking spot 3 years ago in Taipei as an investment. The parking spot is located near Taipei101, the tallest building in the world and they have the spot rented out so I have a steady income on top of my monthly salary. To be honest, I have never seen the money; they open a separate bank account for the transaction. So me owning a parking spot in downtown Taipei could very well be a fairy tale. Since I have neither visit the spot nor seen the money thus far.

I am more looking forward to next year though. The plan to buy PS3 and Revolution is pretty set for me. There is also the beginning plan to buy a place to call my own, but real estate in Taipei is as bad as real estate in Tokyo or New York. With my current salary I would either have to save 20 years or buy a place an hour outside the city - in which case I just have to save 5 years. I wonder if I can buy a place without kitchen and knock off a couple hundred thousand taiwanese dollars. I can't cook anyhow.

With all this talk about buying and spending I feel deeply about the importance of money. People might say money is not everything, but it sure buys a lot of stuff. Maybe I should get yet another job to speed up my plan to buy a place to call my own. A guy without a piece of land to his name is nothing but a serf to the modern economic system (parking space doesn't count ^_^). That reminds me, I should buy a lottery ticket on the way home today.


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