Physical Exam

Yesterday was the yearly company physical exam. It was interesting to say the least. I had to skip both breakfast and lunch for the 2:00pm exam.

The examination office was setup at a bigger company office in another location. So like little kids on an outing, we took a train and headed north for a field trip. The weather was warm and I really enjoyed the warmth of sun on my skin. You see, my job starts at 8:00am and I finish at night. My second job teaching TOEIC is from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. The sun and I don't see each other very often.

My friends often jokingly ask me which skin conditioner I use to keep my skin so white, I tell them to just work in an office for 13 hours a day. It beats any make up or skin care product offered on the market. Most of the girls usually offer to come work with me at a later time; the guys just look at me with pity.

The wonderful tests pronounced me to be 66.1kg in weight and 171cm in height. I am still not used to thinking in terms of kg, by conversion I found that weight to be 145.7lb. So I gained 4.7 pound since a year ago, I hope they are muscles. Sigh, probably not.

The nurses extracted every imaginable fluid from my body for various unimaginable tests...well, not every fluid - just the red one and yellow one. I felt degraded having to pee into a cup. After the discrete fluid testing upstairs they ushered me into the basement.

Once down there I was a bit intimidated because there were 4 nurses downstairs surrounding me. I felt slightly out-gunned and at a disadvantage since I have my shirt off for the x-ray test. The result came out normal but I received a strange compliment, "You have a beautiful pancreas" she said. No one has ever called my pancreas beautiful before. I felt strangely flattered.

I was also the only one to have the dubious distinction of being poke by needles for blood twice. She had trouble getting enough blood from my left arm, so she poke me again on my right arm for extra fun. It might be because she was new, since she seems strangely nervous. She did apologize profusely for the extra poke.

Afterwards everyone in the office had a late lunch, around 3:00pm. Then off we went back to the dark dungeon of the office world. I couldn't help but though - "Honestly, I wouldn't mind getting poked twice everyday and skip 2 meals just to have the chance to get a little sun."


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