A couple interesting news

News.Telegraph - "Kiss of Death"
A teenage girl with an extreme allergy has died after kissing her boyfriend who had eaten a peanut-butter sandwich hours earlier.

Guardian Unlimited - "Remote Hug Suit"
Fancy a hug but you're miles from your loved-one? Well fret not because soon you will be able to send your squeeze and caress to exactly the part of a person's body you want via the internet.

Slashdot - "300GB Holographic Versatile Discs (HVD)"
InPhase's HVDs, scheduled for release in 2006, are said to hold 300GB of data, 60 times that of a conventional DVD with only a slight increase in size. Not to mention the drives themselves can read and write at ten times the speed a normal DVD drive. One of InPhase's partners in HVD research, Maxell, is working towards even more storage on a 1.6TB disc.

CNET News - "Samsung unveils largest flexible LCD"
Samsung Electronics has created a flexible LCD screen that measures 7 inches diagonally, another technology that may one day be used in products such as e-books.


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