Major Overhaul

Major Overhaul. I started the idiotic project of porting this blog to livejournal, which after 24 hours is complete. The simplicity and elegance of livejournal layout inspired me to re-examine my blogger template.

I realize my blog looks like a clone, basically 80% is from standard Rounders template. So I decied to make some changes, starting with Randomized Header Picture, which goes very well with my randomized quotations inside header.

The 4 new header pictures clash with Rounders4 template, so I decided to do the least work possible to fix the layout. I decided to exchange certain sections of Rounders4 with Rounders3. So many green parts became blue.

I have also taken out the links Anonymous Lawyer and Jacob's Chatter. I try to study how people can be bitter and funny at the same time, but anonymous lawyer has simply been bitter for the longest time now. I get a bit depressed reading his blog. Jacob hasn't updated his blog in over a year. So those two links are gone. I put in one new link which is my blog on livejournal - Sushi Delight. It has the exact same content as this blog, except LiveJournal supports tag function. Tag function let me sort my blogs in various category. Right now I have creative writing, thoughts, religion, politics, technology, and trivial setup. LiveJournal also supports the Mood Tag, which I like very much, it is cute.

So in order to take adventage of Tag Function. I have added links using Technorati tag and reference the link to my livejournal. The code is as below

<a href="[tagname]" rel="tag">[tagname]</a>

Lastly, I am debating about the future direction of this blog. I have come to realize all the great blogs have one thing in common - specialization. My blog ranges from politics, technology, my life, religion, and creative writing. The topics are simply too broad. I am thinking about concentrating on book reviews, because I love books. I could also throw in my creative writing and the blog would still be on topic. Book review might also include Manga review, Comic Review, Webcomic Review, Lyric of the Day, and Book summary. I am going to largely forgo politics and religions, because lately all the news are depressing and I don't see how talking about them from across the sea will change the situation. People still die, lies still told, and lives still go on. Of course, this is just a tentative plan. I am not very good and carrying plans out, so we will see how this really goes in a couple months. I am also looking to change my blog from 2 columns into 3 columns spec eventually. That might happen once I have enough book articles to form a 3rd column. We shall see.


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