Libby Scandal

If your office talks about politics at all, you would have heard about the indictment of Lewis "Scooter" Libby. If not, let me summerize for you.

Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the vice presidential adviser who helped build the US case for the Iraq war, stood before a judge yesterday, then had his fingerprints and mugshot taken as a long-simmering intelligence leak scandal arrived in court.

Mr Libby pleaded not guilty to five counts in total, including lying to a grand jury, making false statements to federal investigators, and obstruction of justice...

-Guardian Unlimited, Libby Pleads Not Guilty as White House Braces for Scandal Hearing.

The news is important, because just like Clinton's case, someone really high up seems to have lied to the public. This case is a bit more important, because this possible lie costed 251 billion dallars to date and 2037 US soilders and 30,000 Iraqi deaths.

However, even though the truth is important the trial itself is not. Because as soon as Bush's turn is up, Libby will get a pardon. Repubican knows it. Democrates knows it. All the finger pointing and loud voice is nothing but preparation for the next presidental election. I hope I am wrong, I hope the 30,000 Iraqi, 2000 US soldiers, their family, tax payers, and the exposed CIA operative get their justice. I hope Bush wouldn't hand out a pardon at the end and slap all those people on the face.


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