Let It Rain

I love the smell of rain. The cool touch from the sky always awakens me from a slumber that I didn't know I was in. Rain invokes memories that are almost...primal, like the almost forgotten feeling at the wonder of "first rain". The normally familiar street looks different, like a next-door girl wearing light make-up for the first time.

Rain does that. Leaf looks emerald green, bugs are out of sight, and the horizon is blurred - mystical. I open my eyes a bit wider to take in the sights, to see beyond the unknown. The heavy moisture in the air makes my lung work harder to breath, so I am more conscious of the rhythm of my life. 4 seconds, in. 4 seconds, out.

There is an urge in the rain to take off my shoes. The uncomfortable leather bound dress shoes that go with the uncomfortable tie* bound suit. There is an urge to wriggle my toes and let my feet breath. I want to touch the cleansed earth with my bare feet and walk all the way home. Rain does that.

Home is of greater appreciation in rain, and so is the hot shower hitting my back. Later I would wrap my short hair that dries in 5 minutes with a giant towel. It looks silly and unnecessary, I love that. With the hot co-co warming my hands, the giant towel around my head, I would just laze around doing nothing. Which is wonderful. There is never enough time to do all the nothing.

*p.s. A tie doesn't seem to exist for any practical reason; it doesn't cover you from elements, nor keep you warm, nor does it contain loose items. It restricts your airflow and easily used against you in a fight. Maybe that is it, tie exists to make you uncomfortable, it exists to keep you on your toes and to discourage fighting. "I better not get into fights, I can't breath right and he might grab it to jerk me around". Thus we keep ourselves civilized and simply use lawyers to do our fighting for us.


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