Unexpected Gift

One of my office co-worker is big on Counter Strike, he once skipped lunch just to play that game for 90 minutes with no interruption. The game looks fun even thought it is almost a decade old game. I remember once trying it out with Bill against unknown people over TCP-IP. I wasn't very good and usually gets shot down quickly, but the heart pumping cold sweat action is hard to forget.

The nostalgic feeling prompted me to download "Half-Life - Condition Zero" which is the single player version of Counter Strike. Valve the maker of Counter Strike designed some AI Bots so you can practice shooting at the comfort of your desktop computer alone - without embarrassing yourself over the internet. I tried it and had fun. It is a lot like Soldiers of Fortune 2. Even better, Condition Zero comes with the original Half Life game. Good times.

The sequel, Half-Life 2, is one of the best games I have touched in years. I am currently on level 5, the black mesa east. I recommend anyone to try it. As a person who doesn't usually like shooting games, I still find it enjoyable. It might be because I set the game difficulty to easy, I simply wanted to walk around without too many people shooting me or worrying about dying. The world Valve created is breath taking and the details immense. It is very well made. Even though I don't have a lot of time I spent an hour a day visiting this strange new world.

On the other hand, today another one of my co-worker gives me World of Warcraft Taiwanese version. His computer graphic card is supposedly too old to run it. I would have to take him out to lunch sometimes. It is not often someone just buys me a 50-dollar gift for no reason. I suppose I should make his project a higher priority over other co-workers from now on as a simple thank you. It is the least I can do. I think it would be fun to try World of Warcraft out again. I have an account on US server but give the characters to Reia.

New Years Eve is months away but I made a resolution on Sunday. I figure by the time I give up on my resolution it would be the actual time to make a new one. I am going to run and do sit-ups everyday. The days I happen to write in my blog I will record down faithfully weather I exercised or not. I hope the accountability will make my workout more regular. Of course, I could just drag a friend and exercise - but that would require me to know someone else who doesn't mind sweating. Taiwan is not a country that encourages exercise, high population density, small outdoor area, congested road ways...people tend to stay in watch tv and play games. People tend to look at me a lot while i go jogging, which makes me somewhat self-conscious -_-

Running Status: no
Sit-up Status: no


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