I sat on the train and kept my head down.

Today is yet another Wednesday. The sea of crowd seems slower and heavier. I can almost hear the collective consciousness whispers, "Two days down and two more days to go."

The sea of commuters is carried by sheer momentum towards their job post. It is what we have done on Monday and Tuesday, so it is what we shall continue to do on Wednesday. I couldn't recognize when it happened, but at one point in my life, life style became a habit. I eat 3 meals a day because I have done so for 24 years. I am not hungry, but I eat, because everyone else does. To be honest, two meals a day would be perfectly fine by me. Like the tides pulled by the celestial moon, we are pull by a force and our action evolves around that strange force.

I thought about it and wonder what that strange force might be. The answer that came to mind is weekend. Thursday and Friday accelerates towards weekend, time are pulled and becoming faster. Wednesday time is the slowest because it is the furthest point from weekend. Thus we have the high tide and low tide of life; thus we have the dance of human nature.

I raised my head, risking irritating looks from others, and looked into some people's faces.

Everyone looks tired. I know I am tired. I also know I am tried from "nothing". I haven't done anything yet, the magnetic train carried me from home to work, I carried a light business case, and the 6 hours of sleep carried my body. Are other people also tired from the nothingness in life or do they have a better reason? Are there other things that we carry which weight us down?

Some people live for weekends, others live all the days of their lives. It would be nice to live all the days of our lives. Then again, perhaps not right now, there is work to be done for the next 10 hours.


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