I haven't talk about myself lately, which is entirely inapproperiate, since this blog is supposedly about me.

Lately I have a strange urge to drop my engineering job and learn how to bake bread. I see advertisement in no less than 3 bread stores asking for helpers. I think it might be a sign and I don't know how much longer I can resist "the calling". Bread is just so delicious, its fragrance when it first come out of the oven reminds me the smell of home. Someday I hope to travel to Europe, not for the sight seeing, but to taste their famous varity of bread. Well, that is not entirely true, I also hope to drive on the other side of the car, that would be oh-so-very-neat.

I am still stuck on chapter 1 of Robert Jordan's new book, the knife of dreams. The words just crawl across the page for me. I don't know why. What I have read so far, the whole 48 pages, are superb though. I think I just have issues.

On the gaming side of my life - one of my friend bought the dvd version of Final Fantasy XI, a mmorpg game. He sent me the password for a free 30 day pass which is very nice of him. I will check it out sometimes.

Another friend got me a copy of World of Warcraft just 2 weeks ago. I didn't like WoW much because I am forced to connect to a chinese server. My typing speed in chinese is pitiful so the game is not very enjoyable for me.

I also got my hands on Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete. These two are the most famous RPG games from Sega-Gensis Days. They have been remade for playstation so I had to pick them up. So far I check out the intro to the games but haven't actually played them. I have a very bad habit of buying things but not actually use them -_-.

Also, I am researching how to run my own private server for Ragnarok Online, a very well known MMORPG game. I couldn't believe this but running a private server for RO is actually legal. Someone reverse engineered RO and recode it for personal use. The setup for RO is somewhat complicated but I am spending a bit of time each day figuring out the command structure. I think it would be really neat to make my own world and walk around with no one else in it. Knowing me, I will probably feel lonely after a couple hours then abandon the game. But in the main time, it gives me something to do.

I have given up trying to save the computers in the office. Every other computer has viruses. Not just spyware or tracking cookies, I mean full blown viruses. I can clean one computer in an hour, but by tomorrow the virus will be back. What kind of programs are these people using? Even worse, maybe it is the website they are visiting. I could block bad sites with background programs but that seems to be a bit radical. Now I only try when people ask my help in cleasning (exorcism, as they jokingly refer to the activity) the computer once the computer dies. It is not in my job description but I figure I can help the company save a couple thousand dollars this way. I really want to sent a memo to the top asking to replace all the IE with Firefox, install Protowall, Blocklist Manager, Spybot Search & Destory, and Ad-Aware. Sigh, crippled computer bothers me.

Lastly, here are some news/issues I am tracking: Pledge of Allegiance law suit, Intelligent Design vs Evolution lawsuit, XBox360 debut, Nintendo Evolution news, PS3 news, Google Print lawsuit, US Hurricane news, HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray battle, New Medicare system.

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