Nice, I got my internet back.

For the past two weeks the computer in my bedroom couldn't find my network connection which almost drove me crazy. I had to use the computer in the library next door (well, not really big enough to be called a library, more like a book room).

As an example of desperation, I moved everything on my computer to my E, F, and G drive then formatted my C and D drive. I then reinstalled Windows XP, all the programs, all the drivers to my graphic card, network card, sound card, and then updated all the patches. No luck, that didn't fix the problem. Idiotically I then did the same thing to the computer in the book room, thinking maybe the other computer has something to do with the problem somehow - nope.

I then switched from dymnic ip (server assigned ip address, which i assume changes from time to time) to static ip - which didn't solve the problem either.

Finally, I did the only and last thing that came to mind. I unplugged my HUB and reset the router. The blinking lights went on, I don't know if i should scream or laugh when the internet came back. So simple, just unplug the power and plug it back. I spent hours reformatting and reinstalling everything all for nothing. Sigh, at least I have a static ip now, which should be better for online gaming. I am thinking of trying Final Fantasy XI or get back to World of Warcraft. Yet I have little time outside work and really don't like to pay monthly fee when I can only play 1~2 days out of a week. The monthly fee is less than an hour of my salary though, so maybe it is not too bad. I will just do an hour overtime to make it up.

p.s. I am currently on book 8 of the wheel of time series. I took the short cut and read the online chapter summaries for the boring parts and only dug into the parts I like from the actual book.


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