I don't really feel like writing lately but some events are worth mentioning so I will just bullet point them.

  • Google released Blog Search and Google Talk
  • Microsoft and AOL might be joining together to form an even bigger evil empire.
  • Pledge of Alligence with the words "Under God" is being considered unconstitional. The case will most likely be fought in Supreme Court a year from now.
  • New Chief of Justice will be appointed soon, probably John Roberts. So far I don't know any of his poisition.
  • My bathroom is now done, it includes a japanese style toilet that "washes" your precious behind with jet water and you can pre-set the water temp. To say the least it is interesting. The more practical side is that it has an internal vacum system that eliminates odor. There is a function to change the temp of your toilet seat but i am afraid to try it. Oh, and the toilet came with a remote control.
  • My computer motherboard chip fan might be failing.
  • Flying Spaghetti Monsterism and the originating website.
some thoughts that i need to write down before i forget or start to disagree.
  • Longer life span means that out-dated believes will last longer. It took a generation for people who blieve earth is flat to die out before most people believe the roundness of earth. Same thing for Earth being the center of universe. It took a generation for people to accept relativity. Now a generation will last longer, change will come slower, and I wonder if the society will suffer because of that. The medical advances is also not keeping up with our longer life span, instead of having more years to be productive, we simply spent more years being in pain.
  • Your past mistakes makes who you are today. The good part of you that you like about yourself is caused partly by your past mistakes and shame.
  • [don't read this one if you are easily offended and/or religious] is sex between adam and eve incest or masterbation? you can say they are children of god, therefor siblings and incest; you can say eve is adam's rib, therefore masterbation. I wonder if maybe man became corrupt from inbreeding, maybe the apple was a metaphor.
  • i wonder if i can be sued for asking curious questions, like the one above. After all, google did come up with blog search. Let me go back and put a small warning. So why write it at all? why not just pretend I never had such question in my mind? Sure, I could just pretend nothing is ever wrong in this world. Sure, we could just all hide our thoughts. But that seems wrong too on a different level. I am a bit embrassed by those thoughts myself, but I still want a record of them. Maybe someday I can look back and figure out what is going on, maybe I will understand who I am better, maybe I will find the answer to the questions.


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