Princess, Dragons, and Mistakes

Look at him, so sure of right and wrong, so wise, so capable, and so young. He knows for certain what is good and what is evil. Princess must be saved and evil must be vanquished. It was not till much later, after searching long and hard for the evil fire-breathing dragon that is responsible for all the injustice, he learned that no such convenient blame exists. In the journey, he saw good man doing bad thing out of greed, rage, shame, or needs. He saw supposed evil man offering kindness and charity. He became, with time, less and less sure of that perfect thin line of judgment. Then one day he finally has the pleasure of seeing a princess. He saw a pretty spoiled child in expensive dress, who is in need of a good tutor more than a warrior savior. The aging warrior thought silently to himself,

"Look at her, so sure of her positions, so sure of her needs, so sure of herself, and so young. Yet she will learn. Like my mistakes has taught me. Someday she might be regal and wise and tolerant. The contradictions of her mind will wash against her world view. The pebble of her jagged thoughts will smooth over the current of time. In time, she will see more than black and white.
In time she will know."

*Random thought on what mistakes might teach us.


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