Nintendo Revolution

Wow, simply wow. Have you seen the control device for Nintendo Revolution? It deviates greatly from the modern gaming control such as X-box or PS2. It has simplifed greatly and you can use it with just one hand. Also, you can use it like a laser pointer positioning system that interacts with the screen. The possibilities are endless, this device looks like the next step of game integration. Games controlled by physical movements that is outside your fingers. Sooner or later we would be jumping across the room to dodge a shot from the screen or waving the Revolution Control like a light saber. Simply, wow. I am very very impressed by the innovation from Nintendo.

Ground breaking game control is nothing new with Nintendo. They are the one who came up with game-pad device while everyone is still using joy-stick. They are the one who came up with the now modern 3D controller in Nintendo64 while everyone is on game-pad. They have already revolutionized the game industry twice. Now I think they have done it for the third time. Just when i think the console fight is between sony's PS3 and Microsoft XBox360, Revolution came back with a one-two combo.

Did I mention you can hook revolution onto your computer monitor as well as your TV? In June 2004 Nintendo engineer Genyo Takeda said: "You'll be able to play [Revolution] not just by linking up to a television but to a computer monitor as well."

Even better, " Nintendo first discussed the Revolution in May at the E3 trade show. The system, due out in 2006, will only be as thick as three stacked CD cases. It will be backward compatible with GameCube games and owners will be able to download (and play) virtually every game the company has created for the NES, SNES and Nintendo 64." I wonder if the download for old games will be free or if I will have to pay a small fee.

If I can get the old games for free or a one time fee then Revolution has just made a sale. Before this morning and this article I was going to buy a PS3 exclusively, I am glad Revolution has made the choice that much harder.


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