All My Colors

In the end religion is what separates us. Some minds are simply not meant to fit through tiny doors; some souls just never stop questioning. More and more, people learn not to judge by the color of one's skin. Yet, is it not ironic to judge by the color of one's mind? People born into their religion like one is born into his or her skin. Hindu, Christian, Islamic, and Agnostic, not many sees past the color of the mind and recognize the mind itself. If a person is kind and good, does it matter if he is of a different skin? If I treat you like a friend, a brother long lost, a child in need, does it matter I am of a different God?

Ironic how death, the great equalizer, is a point of contention for so many in-equality. My god is better than your god, my punishment less than your punishment, my eternal reward longer than your death of nothingness. I am so tired, so tempted to smile and nod and say nothing, just blend in like one of the sheep. Then I remember, shepherd doesn't guard the sheep from wolf because of love, shepherd guards the sheep for the meat and wool. The absolute trust of sheep didn't save the sheep in the end.

It simply depresses me, the glee coming from the Middle East. They claim God sent Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and record amount of storm due to the unjustified war in Iraq. No sympathy for the misery, the death, the lost, and the suffering. Joy and Glee. Why? Because of differences in nationality? Nationality is simply another color of my birth. People are born into being an Iraqi, an American, a French. Like the herd animals that we are we sniff wirily at the strange ones among us. American government made war, so all Americans must be bad. 19 Al-Qaeda members attacked World Trade Center so all Iraqi must suffer. For crying out loud, only one of them is Iraqi, in this case we truly only saw the skin color.

Color of the skin, color of the mind, and color of the nationality - it is a good thing Lady Justice is blind. Yet must all of us be blind before we can see?

Thoughts on Hurricane Rita, Iraq news response, and British BBC news response to US disaster.


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