The World Is Not Enough

The lack of sleep has finally caught up with me. Thanks to Matsa Typhoon (麥莎颱風) that visited Taiwan I got a 3 day weekend. Of that 3 days I slept for 45 hours. It was a record for me. Beginning Thursday I fell into my bed and was unconscious from 9:00pm to 8:00am. 11 hours later I woke up with a refreshed world view and a funny feeling in my neck.

I set out to conquer the world that day but settled for 2 technical articles and finished reading a book. At 2:00 pm I promptly and shamlessly took a nap till 6:00pm. It was a good 4 hours.
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It is now friday midnight, I have 15 hours of sleep under my belt. A more normal person would stay up and party; enjoy all that life has to offer. Not me. I turned pumpkin at midnight like cinderella and next day light found me at 8:00am. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, another 8 hours of sleep. The count is now at 23 hours and it is only early Saturday morning.

I felt slightly guilty that my extra day off came at an enormous price of this nation. Just 2 weeks ago I got a day off from Typhoon Hatan (海棠颱風). 13 people dead and 2 missing, plus 3700000000 of Taiwanese Dallar in damage (about 112000000 US). I vow to use this day to its fullest to show appreciation and gravity of the situation. So I worked on a little writing that got no where, then at 2:30pm took another nap till 5:30pm. I got up because I had to tutor someone for SAT. Typhoon is typhoon; job is job. Unlike my other 8am-6pm job, this one only pays if i go and teach, so i braved the eastern wind and went to my 3 hour teaching post.

7pm-10pm went by fast. We laughed, we cried, we learned a little. I was home by 10:30pm. In fact, the lesson went so well I thought I would conquer the world...again. Faithful reader(s) might remember my plan on taking over the world last time only resulted in 2 articles and a book. So it is to no one's suprise my impromptu action resulted in something less than the world.

Let's just say I left a message, she responded, we talked, then I went crazy and told her I liked her. Keep in mind she is an ocean away and barely knows me so saying any of these couldn't possibly do any good. Yes, way to sabotage your life Albert. Who in their right mind try to take over the world now a days anyways? silly albert...

i went to bed feeling slightly silly and awkward, like a teenager. Went to bed? yes, the count is at 26 hours and I went to bed at 2:30am. Some people would stay up feeling sorry for themselves, I say the hack with it and went to bed - like a normal person. At least, I think this is how a normal person would behave.

I woke up at 12:30pm. Which, translating for the mathematically lazied to be another 10 hours. The total is now at 36 hours. Which bring us to Sunday, August 7th, just a day before Taiwan's Father's day. Did I mention I bought flowers for my dad after class on Saturday? No, I did not. They were roses too, my father look at me like i was crazy and give the flower to my mom. Regardless, I know he liked the flower. Partly because everyone likes flowers and partly because I can't stand to think my 150 big green unit infantary sacrificed themselves for nothing.

Anyhow, since I have work on Monday, like every normal person. We went out on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day. Long story short, happy dinner, good food, I paid. Came home looked at my writing but did nothing to it. Yes, I just read it over and over again. I wonder if that is considered a form of narcissism. Then I went to bed at 9:00pm only to wake up at 6:00am for work. Thus ending a lovely 3 day weekend with 45 hours of blacked-out space.

The rest? That was it. The rest has yet to happen. Come back later if you want more.


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