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When you type word(s) into google for searching, they let you know how many results they found and the time took for execution. Here is the result of my boredom.

bored: 18,200,000 (search results) in 0.10 (seconds)
love: 460,000,000 in 0.11
god: 165,000,000 in 0.05
pain: 90,100,000 in 0.05
google: 335,000,000 in 0.18
microsoft: 252,000,000 in 0.12
hate: 59,700,000 in 0.20
sex: 951,000,000 in 0.06
life: 631,000,000 in 0.07
death: 166,000,000 in 0.04
shit: 58,800,000 in 0.04
science: 419,000,000 in 0.28
gay: 458,000,000 in 0.14
baby: 305,000,000 in 0.10

Below is my brief attempt at bringing some light to the data.
  • Death and Shit came the quickest.
  • Science takes a long time, in fact, the longest time.
  • Sex is the most important thing to human, it has the most results. If fact, it seems sex is twice as important as love or science. 951,000,000 vs 460,000,000 vs 419,000,000.
  • Being in love and being gay are equally important. 460,000,000 vs 458,000,000. Yet gay comes out later.
  • god and death ranks the same. 165,000,000 vs 166,000,000. In fact, they come at the same time too, 0.05 vs 0.04.
  • Google is about twice more important than god. 335,000,000 vs 165,000,000.
  • Hate is the same as Shit. 59,700,000 vs 58,800,000.

finally the overall ranking: sex>life>love>gay>science>google>baby>microsoft>death>god>pain>hate>shit>bored

*Ha, I found someone made a webpage based on the same concept. The official game is called "Google Fight". Check it out.


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