Entrapment and Tears

Entrapment is an entertaining movie.

I don't normally describe someone I don't know as beautiful, but Catherine Zeta-Jones would have to be an exception. In the movie she plays a strong and capable character. A refreshing change from the helpless-rescue-me routine spew from Hollywood. Yet at one point, she cried. My immediate thought was that she was breaking character. Then on second though, I realize I am equation crying with weakness, which is not entirely right.

Maybe strong people are strong because they feel much. The overwhelming feeling prompt them into action, making them who they are. Would it be so odd for her to cry having that under-torrent of emotion? Also, do you think it is odd I keep asking questions I have a definite personal answer to? Thinking back to most my writings, I think it is a bit odd. Anyhow, crying when there is no need to repress it is more honest. Honesty is definitely a strength. The result of shame and inability to over-come fear is what keeps us from releasing our tears. So maybe her crying is not breaking the character. Maybe it takes a strong person to cry.


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