Did a survey yesterday in class on what makes an excellent man and what makes an excellent woman. Including me there were 3 men and 3 women in class so the distribution was even.
Excellent Men
(f) Dilligent
(m) Polite
(f) Funny
(m) Respectul of Others
(m) Smart
(f) At least of average figure
(f) Optimistic

Excellent Women
(f)lady-like (elegent)

(m) and (f) denotes what gender came up with the item. I was amused but not suprised to see thin came up on the list for women. Yet once I brought up the issue hoping to show them a steretyping, one of the student Judy came up with a suprising reply. You see, it used to be that women were attractive when they are chubby. The reason being back then food is harder to come by, so having a little fat means that you have the extra ability to feed yourself while others don't. Yet now a days when food is plentiful, being chubby doesn't mean you are special, it denotes a lazy person who doesn't excerise. So being thin is not just about a look, she claims being thin is about how a person lives. I thought that is something pretty neat. It might be also interesting to note that everytime I hold a discussion or debate, I usually learn a thing or two myself. I like that.


At 8/04/2005 9:43 PM, Anonymous Anne said...

I think she's still wrapping up the same problem in prettier paper. When I see a 'thin' person, it does not necessarily denote 'better lifestyle', but rather, 'in some way better than me', because according to EVERY single woman any other woman who fits the basic definition of 'thin' is thinner than her. Whether it's the idea of 'more attractive than me' or 'exercises and has a better lifesytle than me', it boils down to the same poisonous inferiority complex women seem to universally have about their bodies.

I speak from experience.

I do sort of apologize that my first post here is one of darker nature. Sort of. I know you well enough to know you'd probably welcome something like this from me as opposed to a bubbly 'OMG YUR BLOG IS SOOOOOO KEWL <3 ^_^ :D LOL'.

Your blog is nice though. I see you also use some dreamer analogies.

At 8/08/2005 10:19 PM, Blogger Sushi Delight said...

I think I would enjoy a bubbly 'OMG your blog is soooo kewl <3' equally well. I am not one to refuse any ego boosters.

Glad you like my blog, I started writing again after reading some of your work. The extra work I done on the coding is simply because I am a geek.

The dreamer analogy is from back in the days. My purdue website has a quotation section "Once Upon A Dreamer". I basically carried the whole thing plus a few quote to this blog.


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