Another Typhoon

Another typhoon is coming to Taiwan. It will land wednesday or thursday. That makes 4 Typhoon in 2 months. Interestingly, US is getting hit pretty often this year too. Hurricane Katrina has been all over US Google News. I wonder if these disasters have anything to do with the way human beings alter the climate? Then again, maybe I am giving us too much credit, maybe what we do are insignificent and doesn't affect the big picture.

Dungeon Siege 2 is a slight disappointment. It uses the same graphic engine as the original game from years back and the plot is the same old story of good vs evil. It was good when diablo first came out with it, but since then it has been done to death. I might also have out grown video games, which I hope not. Video games provide me with much enjoyment, they are like old friends. Is it possible to out grow old friends? yes, yes it is possible, and it is an arkward and unpleasent thing.

I saw Van Hellsing last night. It reminded me a lot of Vampire Hunter D. I now have an urge to create an evil character and make him the hero. It is kind of boring to see good triumph all the time. I can do this either by making the world even more evil than the hero. Sort of a lesser evil vs greater evil. Or I can make it evil vs good and make the evil come out on top. I don't propose to make a horror piece of work though. The closest example I can think of is Revenge of the Sith. I would have to think more about my evil character. For research I am starting on Anne Rice's 10 book vampire series. Should be fun reading.


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